This is Water, and it sucks. Let’s talk. (Season One, episode 1)

When I first started talking about doing a show about the cost of health care… everybody had a story. Including me.

It’s like that famous speech by the writer David Foster Wallace called This is Water. It starts with a joke about two young fish swimming along. An older fish passes by and says, “Morning boys. How’s the water?”

He goes, then one young fish turns to the other and says, “What the hell is water?”

Sound familiar? The cost of health care is like water. We’re all surrounded by it. We don’t even see it anymore.

That’s what this show is for: To help us see the water we’re in, and figure out together how to navigate it, and keep each other good company along the way. Maybe we’ll tell some jokes– dark ones– along the way.  Welcome aboard.


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One thought on “This is Water, and it sucks. Let’s talk. (Season One, episode 1)”

  1. As a Canadian, I’ve never understood why US citizens don’t want free public healthcare. Thought I’d listen to this podcast to try to understand. Very interesting but after Episode 1, I’m even more baffled. Will keep on listening!

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