They nominated this cost-of-health-care podcast for a “true-crime” award. OK, then: Let’s win it.

This nomination is dark, and almost too perfect. As one person said: “So funny, and yet not funny at all.”

I mean, this show has no cops, prosecutors, or defendants. But crimes? Yeah, that fits.

So, let’s take advantage, shall we?  Go vote.  Pick us for true crime.


Q: Wait, who even are you?

A. I’m a public-radio reporter who started a podcast last year: a kind of ticked-off  Planet Money, for health care.

Q: Is your show any good? 

I think so, and people have said really nice things about it. Also, we’re also a finalist for Best New Show in this same contest. But True Crime is the category I’m really gunning for.

Q: What’s the show like?

We’re more entertaining, empowering, and occasionally-useful than enraging, terrifying and depressing. That’s the idea — more here.

Also, here’s a trailer for our third season, which starts November 14.

OK? So go subscribe. You’ll find us on Apple PodcastsSpotify, any of the usual places.

And go vote! Pick us for True Crime.

And tell everybody you know.

The main thing is: Let’s win this thing.

I mean, An Arm and a Leg is a good show. You should totally listen.

But winning us this True Crime prize, that’s a statement. Let’s go make it.