This is Water, and it sucks. Let’s talk. (Season One, episode 1)

When I first started talking about doing a show about the cost of health care… everybody had a story. Including me.

It’s like that famous speech by the writer David Foster Wallace called This is Water. It starts with a joke about two young fish swimming along. An older fish passes by and says, “Morning boys. How’s the water?”

He goes, then one young fish turns to the other and says, “What the hell is water?”

Sound familiar? The cost of health care is like water. We’re all surrounded by it. We don’t even see it anymore.
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A podcast about the cost of health care, coming November 2018

The spiraling cost of medical care shapes people’s lives: The jobs we’re afraid to leave because of insurance, the risk that a trip to the doc could end in bankruptcy. It’s not healthy.

This is my story too, and that’s why I’m making this podcast. Here’s what I’ve got in mind.

An Arm and a Leg will be entertaining, empowering— even useful. As a reporter, I’ll bring my skill at finding and telling revealing, surprising stories. But the project’s big focus— since I’m in this mess too—is connecting and problem-solving, together.
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Thank you, Chicago AWESOME Foundation!

Dan gratefully accepting support from the Chicago AWESOME Foundation’s trustees. (They kept the giant $1,000-bill prop but sent Dan home with actual cash money. Thank you!)

The AWESOME Foundation is … a really, really lovely thing, powered by a simple idea, a website, and a bunch of wonderful people.

The idea: If ten people in a given place all agree to put up a hundred bucks a month, suddenly they’re a foundation! They can make thousand-dollar grants. As of this writing, people do this in 96 places around the world.

Including Chicago, where the local chapter’s trustees gave this project a thousand dollars last night. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  We will be putting that money to good use.