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“We just kept right on pushing” … and laws changed

A 24-year-old died because he didn’t have insurance. His parents fought back. With help from a tabloid reporter—and seasoned advocates—laws changed.
Text: A tiny provision in the giant Affordable Care Act protects some patients from outrageous hospital bills. Just one Senator pushed for it... then voted against the whole thing.

The wild backstory of a tiny but crucial Obamacare provision (ft. David Axelrod)

How one Republican senator made sure the ACA required non-profit hospitals to act more like charities—and less like loan sharks—before voting against the whole bill. Plus, how the battle over the ACA “broke America”— no big.
Graphic advertizing the episode that reads: "When the lawyer who beat Big Tobacco fought Big Hospitals for price-gouging poor patients... the case went up in smoke. (But he did help start something that's still going.)"

A legendary lawyer sued hospitals for price-gouging their patients. And got his butt handed to him.

Dick Scruggs is the guy who beat Big Tobacco. But when he took on Big Hospitals... it didn't go so great.

We’re back! Starting Aug 19. And we’ve got some doozies for you.

We’ve been on a hiatus for a minute, and we are SO excited about what we’re coming back with. These are stories we’ve been collecting for months — some of them for more than a year — and they’re big.
Image of Jared Walker on Tiktok, plus the following text: "Remember this guy? After his viral TikTok, Jared Walker recruited a mini-army of volunteers, who have logged charity-care policies at 2700 hospitals, and built an online system to CRUSH a TON OF MEDICAL DEBT

Badass volunteers help Jared level up, in the fight to crush medical debt.

Update on Jared Walker, whose viral TikTok described a little-known (and effective) method to “crush” many hospital bills. He's been responding to a mountain of requests for help—and building a system to respond more effectively, thanks to a small army of whip-smart volunteers. 

A whole book about fighting effed-up medical bills? Yes, please.

We talk with Marshall Allen—about some of the best tips in his book Never Pay the First Bill; about how you can’t win ‘em all, and about why it’s worth learning all you can and giving it your best shot.

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