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Inset: guy with mustache, captioned "I crush medical bills. TEST ME." Plus the heading: "This 60-second video offers a legal recipe for zapping billions in medical debt. Guess what? It works."

Could billions in medical debt get zapped by the legal strategy from this 60-second video?

Yep. A viral TikTok video offers a legally-sound recipe for "crushing" medical bills, via charity-care laws. Government filings show it could wipe out billions in debts every year—with enough elbow grease. Jared Walker and his group Dollar For say they've done a few million already.
Text: "I was the bad guy, that's for sure." Jeff is a lawyer, who used to represent medical-bill collectors. He switched sides. Now he's spilling the tea. Secret #1: WE HAVE RIGHTS

A former “bad guy” lawyer shows us how the dark machinery works. And our rights.

Jeff used to represent medical-bill collectors in court. But he switched sides, and he's here to tell us what he knows.

For instance, we have more rights than we probably know. (Getting them enforced can be tough, but he's got some tips there too.)

And his portait of how the dark machinery works is... kind of hilarious.

Mini-episode: Two small doses of good news

2021 is off to a rough start, but here are a couple of small things that don't completely suck. First, a new federal rule could help cut through one completely-ridiculous issue. Then, a listener describes how he headed off an insurance nightmare, using what he learned from this show.

A 21st-century Christmas Carol: How one Scrooge became a health-care whistleblower

Former health-care executive Wendell Potter spent part of 2020 publishing high-profile apologies for the work he used to do— the lies he says he told the American people for his old employers—and trying to debunk the myths he once sold. The story of how he became a whistle-blower is a modern-day Christmas Carol.

A peek inside our reporter’s notebook: What we’ve learned in 2020, and where we’re headed, with T.K. Dutes

This episode turns the tables: Host Dan Weissmann gets interviewed about what he's learned this year, and what's ahead for the show— with T.K. Dutes, an ace radio host and podcast-maker ... who was a nurse in a previous life, so she knows a thing or two about the health-care system.

Fight! My family tries to pick health insurance for next year. COVID makes it harder.

Keeping the plan we've got means paying $200 a month more. But... would a "cheaper" plan cost us more in the long run?  It depends! And COVID makes it a lot more complicated. This stinks.

You can hear my wife and me try to puzzle the whole thing out, and then I debrief with an expert. Who leaves me reminded how lucky we are to have the options we do. HEALTH INSURANCE SUCKS.

But the alternative is so much worse.

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