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Sample from a recent newsletter

Hi from Washington, DC… where we’re planning Season 3!
I’m meeting with our pals from Kaiser Health News, where we’re swapping ideas for stories we want to do for Season 3. If you want a reminder of why they’re the perfect partner for this show, check this story published in last week’s New York Times, which actually came out of KHN’s newsroom.

From the story: The hospital costs of the American medical system are so high that it made financial sense for both a highly trained orthopedist from Milwaukee and a patient from Mississippi to leave the country and meet at an upscale private Mexican hospital for the surgery. Yep. Plus the $5k bonus for the patient. All funded by the patient’s employer-funded health plan, which got a bargain. The whole thing is worth reading.

And of course we’ve GOT a bunch of great stories to look at already, thanks to YOU. You sent in a hundred tips and tales during season 2.

Tonight I’m flagging a few to share with KHN, like

  • A $25 bill for a blood test– and a $3,000 late fee. One month later.
  • A $67,000 colonoscopy
  • A small foundation that’s gearing up to erase $1,000,000 of medical debt — and eventually maybe all the medical debt in Cincinnati, one softball tournament at a time.

    I hope it’s not corny to say: I love you so much for these.

Speaking of which…

You, in action.

I heard from a listener this week who took what she heard on An Arm and a Leg, and brought it to her medical providers!

Rebecca from NYC writes:

As the parent of two children diagnosed within the last two years with Type 1 Diabetes, I have woken up to the horror that is our healthcare system, and An Arm and a Legmakes me feel simultaneously better (I’m not the only one going through this crap) and worse (I can’t believe the crap we’re all going through).

She says our most-recent episode, about a clinic in Goshen, Indiana, that puts community at the center of their work, with great results, led her to start a conversation with her children’s pediatric endocrinology clinic.

I pitched an idea of making the clinic more of a family and community. Our amazing nurse practitioner and endocrinologist were really excited by the idea and want to set up a parent board. Who knows where it will lead, but it’s better than doing nothing — and we have An Arm and a Leg to thank.

I think you’ve got yourself to thank, for taking action, right away.
I’ve asked Rebecca to keep us posted.

Also, thank you!

You’ve been filling out our listener survey!

And telling us a LOT. (Lots of you are also saying really nice things about the show, which I appreciate.) It’s fascinating, hearing what you get out of the show, and what you’d like to see more of.

It’s definitely shaping how we’re approaching Season 3.

If you’ve filled it out, thank you so much! You rule!

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