Reviews of the Show

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The Best Podcasts of 2019 (So Far)-Discover Pods
Reviews by Ma’ayan Plaut and Jeremy Helton

AV Club, PodMass, review by Amber Cortes

PBM episode reviewed in  Hurt Your Brain Podcast Newsletter by Erik The Jones.

2018 Best New Non Fiction Podcast List by Wil Williams

The Best New Podcasts, Digital Trends by Jenny McGrath

An Arm and a Leg: Bonding Through Frustration, in The Pod Report

Podcast Maniac An Arm and a Leg Review

Review by Wil Williams for Discover Pods: “An Arm and a Leg” Reveals the
True Cost of Healthcare

Why You and I Will (Probably) pick the Wrong Health Insurance
in Hurt Your Brain Podcast Newsletter
 by Erik The Jones.

Recommendation by Scott Gurian  of the Far From Home Podcast

Interviews with Dan 

dan and justin


Dan on Lake Effect on Milwaukee Public Radio -WUWM Milwaukee

“An Arm and a Leg” journalist Dan Weissmann explores the cost of health care-WGN Chicago

An Arm and a Leg’ Podcast Tells Alarming Stories of Health Care Costs’ WTTW (Television)’


An Arm and a Leg: An interview with the show creator, Dan Weissmann– The Podcast Brunch Club

Interview with Kerry Klein at Valley Public Radio: ‘An Arm and a Leg:’ Inside A New Podcast About The Rising Costs Of Healthcare

New Podcasts for the Summer, Illinois Public Media with Niala Boodhoo

Talking to Dan Weissmann About His New Healthcare Podcast, An Arm and a Leg in The BillFold

Oh My Dollar! Podcast: A Genuinely Messed Up Situation with An Arm And a Leg Podcast


Other Media Coverage for An Arm and a Leg

Contextualizing Care Saul Weiner and Amy Binns-Calvey on “An Arm and a Leg”

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