Responses to Listener Survey!

You’re helping us shape Season 3: Here’s some of what we’re learning

About 500 of you responded to our listener survey, and you are amazing. I mean, to start with: you are SO NICE.

Here’s a small selection of things you’re saying you get from the show:

  • My sense of hopeful outrage I guess
  • Because of you guys I was able to face a lingering hospital bill. I ended up talking to the billing department and they reduced my bill by 80%!
  • The system is bananas, makes it feel like I’m not the only one.
  • I love that you don’t shy away from the nuts and bolts or geeky stuff!
  • I feel like this could be part of a consumer movement.
  • Your show is very moving. Greetings from Norway.

One thing LOTS of you are saying you like about the show , and want more of: Useful information. (Noted!)

You’re also saying you find the show entertaining, and that you appreciate the combination of real-people stories and big-picture insight. (Thank you! So nice to hear.)

One thing comes through loud and clear: We are all in this together. People listening to this show represent all ages, all incomes, all levels of education.

That includes lots of folks who work in health care, like this ER nurse in Texas: Listening to your show makes me an advocate for change. Whenever I have the opportunity, my patients get your info!

I heard similar things from doctors, physician assistants, hospital administrators, pharmacists, medical students and med-school professors.

And then there’s this:

Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m a kindergarten teacher in a low-income neighborhood, the people who are screwed by this system the hardest are my students and their families. You give me hope that things will get better and my babies will get healthier.

YES. Let’s do this.