Bonus: Peek inside our reporter’s notebook. What we’ve learned and where we’re headed.

Season 3 – Episode 9 

close-up portraits of Sally Herships and Dan Weissmann

This bonus episode turns the tables: Ace reporter Sally Herships interviews Arm and a Leg host Dan Weissmann, about what he’s learned so far, and what’s ahead for the show.

They pull some choice stories off the cutting-room floor, including an early adventure from the medical-bill ninja profiled early in Season 3. 

They dig into the stories listeners are sharing — the lessons people say they’re learning, and the lessons they’re sharing.

And Dan previews the celebrations in store as the show hits a landmark: 500 Patreon supporters! If you haven’t signed up already, there’s still time to join us — sign up by March 1 — and earn some special rewards, including one of these:

Arm And a Leg Ass-Kicking League membership card