Love Love Love this Podcast

I absolutely LOVE this podcast! It’s great! Who the hell would’ve thought that a podcast topic, such as healthcare, medical bills, affordability of care, access to healthcare.. etc.. etc.. (a topic that can easily make you go crosseyed & feel incredibly helpless) would actually be Very interesting, funny, real, raw, and a breath of fresh air! Well it turns out that I actually really love this podcast! It’s great! I will be encouraging my friends & family to listen to this! Just wanted to share my thoughts for those who are looking for a new podcast to listen to that this is worth your time … it’s surprisingly Not boring lol. I’ll be sending a contribution to this podcast…. because it’s people like this guy who risked everything to start his own podcast & dive deep into the heath care industry, sharing regular people’s stories & giving them a voice when they felt they didn’t have one. It’s podcasts like this that give me faith in humanity lol.