COVID tests are free, except… when they’re not

SEASON-19 – Episode 4

Anna’s insurance company said it would pay 100 percent for COVID-related testing. And then they left her to pay a giant bill.

She got help, thanks to a viral tweet, but… her story exposes big loopholes in consumer protections. (We learned how not to fall in.)

Anna Davis Abel's tweet about her experience with Aetna, which went viral.

And: the way people responded to her tweet was generous, moving, and… complicated.

Uncomfortable. Weird. Even painful, even with everybody doing their absolute best. (And, we should say, with as happy an ending as any of us get these days.)

The story gets right to the heart of some of the really weird ways that dealing with the cost of health care , ESPECIALLY in the world of COVID-19 and the Internet and everything else , just messes with our minds, and our relationships as humans.

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