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A new golden age is dawning, and it starts where the sun don’t shine. 

When a listener wrote to us about a pricey colonoscopy quote, we got curious. It turns out, a few years back, investors identified gastroenterology as their next hot ticket item. 

Private equity firms are the house-flippers of the investment world, and they’ve found their way into many areas of our lives. Now, they’re at the gastroenterologist, too, hoping to change the way these doctors do business and make a quick buck selling the practice down the road. 

We find out why these doctors are selling their practices to private equity to begin with, and what it could mean for the quality and cost of your health care. 

Here’s a transcript of the episode

Correction notice:  The original version our audio mis-identified the organization Claire McAndrew worked for when we spoke to her in 2019. We’ve updated the audio file, so it’s correct now.

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