She tangled with health insurance every day for 25 years. And loved it. Here’s what she can teach us.

SEASON 4-ever – Episode 3

Barbara Faubion’s boss, an insurance broker, always told clients, “Listen, you don’t need to be on the phone for four hours with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Let us do that. I have a person.”

Barbara was that person, and she got up every day psyched to go to work,which she says puzzled her friends. “They’d go, ‘You love your job?!? You spend your whole day talking to an insurance company. Are you kidding me?'”

She wasn’t kidding. Because she loved to win, and she was really, really good at untangling other people’s health-insurance problems.

She’s here to teach us what she knows.

And we’ll learn something else too, from a conversation with ProPublica reporter Marshall Allen:  Why doesn’t EVERY health insurance broker have someone like Barbara on staff?  This story he did in 2019 has some big clues.

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