What if this podcast were a musical?

Season 3 – Episode 3

Explanation of Benefits by Heckno Techno

What if this podcast were a musical? Well, this is what it would sound like.

It would sound a LOT like Explanation of Benefits, which is a musical revue that actually played in New York City in 2019. The show was created and performed by a young NYC troupe called Heck No Techno.

Explanation of Benefits is musical revue  about the sad history of U.S. health care, filled with smart, funny songs.

For example it features a parody of “Bills, Bills, Bills” , the 1999 Destiny’s Child hit ,rewritten for the age of GoFundMe.

Our episode isn’t sung all the way through , it’s more like the PBS documentary on Hamilton than an actual musical of its own. But that is still. Pretty. Darn. Cool.

AND: In keeping with our theme this season of self-defense against the cost of health care, Explanation of Benefits wraps with a set of short vignettes demonstrating ways patients can work to protect themselves from excessive charges.

So we have included here an email-by-email breakdown of songwriter Emily Lowinger’s successful battle to fight off a surprise medical bill.

… and we’ve set it off with music , timing and cues lovingly adjusted by our audio wizard, Adam , and it is a TREAT.

Songs from the show are up on Spotify.

… and speaking of treats and fun experiences,  I recently spent a weekend afternoon, supervised by our cat, sending thank-you cards to folks who support this show financially. I’d love it if you became one.

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