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We’re back! Check out the Season 2 trailer (and our amazing new friends)

The new season launches June 4! I’m so excited to share the trailer with you.  This season is full of stories from listeners — and every single one of them opens up vital, maddening questions about the cost of health care… which I get to run down. In fact, we spend about half the season […]

We’re back! Here’s a taste of Season 2, launching June 4.

Hey there! We’ve been working hard on season 2. We hope you enjoy this preview — there’s so much good (and frightening) stuff ahead.

Season 2 is coming!

This is our latest newsletter. You can sign up to get these every couple of weeks. YEP!  That’s right: Season 2 starts in June!  Whitney, Daisy and I agreed on the dates just last Friday. I am having a great time working on this batch of stories-in-progress. And it’s going a LOT more smoothly than last […]

A podcast about the cost of health care, coming November 2018

The spiraling cost of medical care shapes people’s lives: The jobs we’re afraid to leave because of insurance, the risk that a trip to the doc could end in bankruptcy. It’s not healthy. This is my story too, and that’s why I’m making this podcast. Here’s what I’ve got in mind. An Arm and a […]

Thank you, Chicago AWESOME Foundation!

The AWESOME Foundation is … a really, really lovely thing, powered by a simple idea, a website, and a bunch of wonderful people. The idea: If ten people in a given place all agree to put up a hundred bucks a month, suddenly they’re a foundation! They can make thousand-dollar grants. As of this writing, […]

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