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We’re nominated for a True Crime Award!

Hey there!  Funny thing: This show got nominated for a podcast award this week. Actually, two.  One was for the “Best New Podcast” category which I really appreciate. The other is the kicker, though: “True Crime Podcast.” I mean, I don’t know WHO nominated us, but it’s dark and perfect. We’ve got no cops, no prosecutors, no defendants […]

Responses to Listener Survey!

You’re helping us shape Season 3: Here’s some of what we’re learning About 500 of you responded to our listener survey, and you are amazing. I mean, to start with: you are SO NICE. Here’s a small selection of things you’re saying you get from the show: My sense of hopeful outrage I guess Because […]

Episodes of An Arm and a Leg

Season 1: Fall/winter 2018 Episode 1: This is Water, and it sucks. Let’s talk. The cost of health care is like water. We’re all surrounded by it. We don’t even see it anymore. And why am I making this show? Episode 2: All the Marbles: One woman’s epic quest for health insurance Laura Derrick takes a drug […]

Coming next week: The price of insulin

As we started working on season two of this podcast, there was one topic that seemed like we just had to look at: insulin. … and I wondered:  There are stories about insulin prices everywhere.  Would we really have something to add? Something that wasn’t just more of the same? (Enraging, terrifying, depressing.) Turns out: […]

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