New episodes every other Thursday, starting August 6

There’s no time like a pandemic to (a) learn to fight back against the awful cost of health care, and (b) have a good time doing it.  Yep.  Let’s go.

We’ve all got new, urgent questions about what we’ll pay for tests, treatments, vaccines, insurance, holy-moly-you-name-it.  And it’s not like any of the old problems have gone away.

So we’ll be bringing you new episodes every other Thursday, starting August 6.

This spring, after three limited-run seasons, we brought you SEASON-19 all about COVID.  Now, we’re back to stay.  An open-ended run.  Call it SEASON-4-EVER.

The science and the numbers keep changing, and so do the rules about who pays, and how much.  An open run will let us keep up with all of that.

Alert the media, you say?  Yep, we’re all about it.  Here’s a press release:  Arm and a Leg Returns August 6 Press Release Summer 2020