Andy Slavitt gives us a COVID check-in from 40,000 feet

SEASON 4-ever – Episode 10

Andy Slavitt, who ran a big chunk of health care for the Obama administration, has spent 2020 talking with almost everybody who knows anything about the COVID pandemic, and sharing what he learns in real time, first on Twitter, then on his pandemic podcast “In the Bubble.” When we wanted an episode taking a look at the big picture,what we’ve learned so far from the pandemic and what we might expect next,Andy was the person we wanted to talk to. And he said yes!

We discussed the what-will-it-cost-us side of what we can expect with vaccines and testing, and treatment,it wasn’t always pretty but wasn’t all bad news,and we ended up with some really big-picture questions about the profit motive in health care.

Here’s a transcript for this episode.

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