We kick off with a wild ride: How one journalist almost got roped into a scam.

While hunting for a new insurance plan, award-winning journalist Mitra Kaboli got an offer that seemed too good to be true,but seemed to be coming from her current insurer. Mitra was skeptical, and it turns out, she had every reason to be. Dania Palanker from Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms unpacks this sketchy scheme, and gives us the key to avoiding it: When you’re searching for health insurance… skip Google. Seriously.

Then, some top health insurance nerds teach us how to really shop for health insurance: Where to find the fine print and how to read it.

They also deliver some good news (for once): Thanks to subsidies in the American Rescue Plan some deals this year are actuallydeals! Meaning: health insurance got more affordable for lots of people. Here’s the subsidy calculator we mention in the episode.

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Here’s a transcript of the episode

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