How Katelyn survived COVID,without going bankrupt. (Not easy. She has tips.)

SEASON-19 – Episode 7

In early April, Katelyn was in a financial bind: Home sick with COVID, she hadn’t been paid in weeks. And bills were due. “My landlord is kinda beating down my door right now,” she said in a voicemail to our hotline.

Weeks later, Katelyn got back in touch: She had made it through, thanks to a combination of playing hardball with one company and knowing how to play nice with others.

Because of her job, she had an insider’s understanding of the playing-nice process: Katelyn works in collections for a financial institution, so she knew how to ask for help. Even so, she didn’t find the process easy.

She came out of the ordeal with hard-won tips for all of us, and a heck of a story.

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