Mini-episode: One guy skirts a medical-bill trap, and shares the secret.

Season 4-ever 

When Adam Woodrum’s insurance denied a claim for an ER bill, he sent his story to NPRbecause he happened to KNOW how to deal with it. And he figured it would be a friendly thing to share what he knew. (Kudos, Adam!)

Text: His son fell off a bike. The hospital wanted $19,000 for stitiching the kid up. And his insurance said, "Yeah, pass. This is on you." He knew what to do. now we do too.

This story was originally reported by Julie Appleby for our pals at Kaiser Health News for their Bill of the Month series with NPR.  We’ve also got KHN’s editor-in-chief, Elisabeth Rosenthal, giving her two cents, via NPR. Photo of Adam and son by Maggie Starbard for KHN.

Here’s a transcript for this episode.

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