Want to write a killer letter to insurance? Meet Jeannine.

Season 4-ever – Episode 19 

Our host recently addressed a conference of “industry insiders.” It wasn’t much fun. But he made a new friend. She knows stuff, and she’s sharing with us.

Jeannine Cain started her career working for medical offices,dealing with insurance companies on their behalf,then worked for Blue Cross, and now as a health care data consultant. She really knows how things operate behind the scenes.

When her son got an unfair, jumbo-size medical bill, she put her knowledge to work , and wrote a killer appeal letter. Now she’s sharing that knowledge,and the letter,with us. Along with annotations about how she structured the letter and why she included the specifics that she did.

It’s pretty spectacular.  For all four pages, click on the image below,or right here.

Image of first page of a letter appealing insurance denial. Click to download PDF

Here’s a transcript for this episode.

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