Mom vs. Texas

Season 3 – Episode 1

Left, a photo of Iris Wachs, a toddler. Right, a photo of Stephanie Wittels Wachs, her mom. Words: Iris was born with mild hearing loss. Turns out: Insurance didn't cover hearing aids for kids. So her mom went to war and got Texas law changed. Yep.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs has a daughter born with hearing loss, which is how she found out insurance didn’t cover hearing aids for kids. Those start at $6,000 and only last a few years. Stephanie teamed up with a few other moms to change Texas law… and won.

Stephanie is a terrific storyteller. She’s the author of Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful, a memoir about grieving her brother, Harris Wittels, a writer for TV comedies like Parks and Recreation, who died of a heroin overdose.

… and she is the host of the new podcast Last Day, which uses her brother’s story as a starting point for a deep and smart and very-human look at the opioid crisis. Highly recommend:

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