A place where they do health care more cheaply and effectively. (And yes, it’s in the U.S.)

Season 2 – Episode 8

health clinic serving Latino community and rural community in Goshen, Indiana

Maple City Health Care Center in Goshen, Indiana on July 26, 2019. Photo by Chad Weaver for KHN.

For our Season 2 finale, time for some inspiration:

For 30 years, James Gingerich has run a super-effective clinic in Indiana, delivering great results at low cost , to high-need, low-income patients.

One is a quote from a board member that makes him sound like a big dreamer:He’s not a modest guy, and two of his brags stand out , as a study in contrasts.

“People think of us as a medical organization. We’re not. We are fundamentally a peace and justice organization that happens to be engaged in our community through medical care.”

James Gingerich, founder of Maple City Health Care Center.

James Gingerich stands in front of shelves holding books that Maple City Health Care Center distributes to families with young children.

The other is the way he stands at his desk and nerds out on stats that show his clinic beating the pants off the competition, on preventive-care measures like screenings for cervical cancer, vaccination rates for two-year-olds, etc..

“OK, next: diabetes control,” he says. “Are you getting the idea here?”

At the heart of it, he says, is listening to people’s stories. The rest he calls “housekeeping.”

It’s not a fix for our whole broken system , you can’t just copy-and-paste what’s happening here , but it’s definitely pretty inspiring.

There’s more in this write-up I did for our pals at Kaiser Health News.

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