Programming note: We’re working on some cool new stuff

… and it’s gonna take us a little while to get it ready for you. Maybe a couple of months. Meanwhile, episodes will be a little less frequent. 

For the next two or three months we’ll be publishing full episodes a little less regularly. Here’s why:

In a lot of ways, the last year has been amazing for this show. We’ve published more episodes than ever before. We’ve also learned a ton,and it’s felt good to be of service. And you’ve been giving us incredible support. (Thank you SO much!)

And of course, for all of us, the last year has sucked, and it’s been exhausting.

So: Thanks to your support this show is ready to grow and take on some big, exciting projects.

And we need a little time to plan those projects out, and get a running start on them. And meanwhile, Dan needs just a few days off.

Here are a couple things we can tell you right now:

  1. We won’t be gone any longer than we NEED to.
  2. In the meantime, we’ll be coming to you every few weeks, with little updates, maybe an experiment or two, and some treats.

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