To get paid, hospitals get creative

Season 2 - Episode 2
Hospital bills are too high, and insurance doesn't cover enough. Turns out, that's a crisis for hospitals too: more and more of us aren't paying those bills, because we can't. So, they're getting creative about collecting , and offering discounts. Which raises questions about why the bills are so high to begin with.

We thought we had adulted properly

Season 2 - Episode 1
Caitlin and Corey Gaffer got a surprise letter from their insurance company , saying they were being dumped for non-payment. Except, as far as they knew, they were paid up.

A “deal” on health insurance comes with troubling strings

Season 1 - Episode 8
Bari Tessler is a little famous as a "financial therapist," but even she gets rattled by the price of health care. Her story is complicated, and relatable.
healthcare costs, medical bills, hospital bills

Why are ER bills so horrible? Sarah Kliff spent a year finding out.

Season 1 - Episode 7
Emergency rooms often bill you a "cover charge" just for walking in the door, and it can be thousands of dollars.
Pissed Off Sick Boy

Why Health Insurance Actually Sucks

Season 1 - Episode 6
Turns out, insurance companies allow , even encourage , crazy price-gouging by hospitals. For example, the leg brace Blake needed was available for $150 on Amazon. But thanks to his insurance, he paid more than $500.

So, Robin Hood’s got an approach to medical bills.

Season 1 - Episode 5
The health-care system , especially the financial side , can feel like a Medieval torture device. So maybe it fits that workers from Renaissance fairs have come up with a work-around.

Why you (and I) will likely pick the wrong health-insurance plan

Season 1 - Episode 4
Because as smart economists recently proved it is super-confusing, and most of us can't do the math.

How one drug got its $500,000 price tag. (With 99 Percent Invisible)

Season 1 - Episode 3
The answer involves a suburban housewife, a 1970s TV star, and a Las Vegas maker of popcorn and nacho cheese sauce. Also: Wall Street.

All the Marbles: One woman’s epic quest for health insurance

Season 1 - Episode 2
Laura Derrick takes a drug that costs more than $500,000 a year.

This is Water, and it sucks. Let’s talk.

Season 1 - Episode 1
When I first started talking about doing a show about the cost of health careeverybody had a story. Including me.